Cruciate and Crucial: The Gendered Crux of It

This is what I learned about the word cruciate today, as in cruciate ligament: It’s from the Latin cruciātus, past participle of cruciāre—to torture, rack, torment.  

A now obsolete definition: tortured.

(As in, look what language has racked up here, whose cross this is to bear, whose cross this is that has broken.)

I’m a lapsed Catholic as I am a lapsed runner, so the metonymic weight of the cruciate and its etymology, the cross, the crux, isn’t lost on me. But, lest I cross anyone, let me assure you I don’t mean to paint myself as a martyr or to glorify or exaggerate my suffering. I’m just waxing poetic.

And waning. And wanting.   

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