For the second chapter of my dissertation, I'm conducting interviews and an online survey, gathering the running, injury, and recovery narratives of other female runners who have suffered injuries that rendered them either temporarily or permanently unable to run. I'm looking at how injured female runners tell their stories and how this helps them to rebuild and rehabilitate themselves and their bodies, as women and as athletes. 

You may be eligible for this study if

  • You have identified or did identify as a female runner for at least one year

  • You sustained (at any point) a traumatic injury that prevented you from running (either temporarily or permanently)

  • Your injury caused you to seek medical treatment

  • You were training to run or planning to run a race of at least 5 kilometers when you were injured 

These interviews and survey responses will help me (a fellow female injured runner) to write my doctoral dissertation. While there are no particular benefits to participating in the study, I hope that the process of sharing injury and recovery narratives may be constructive for some participants. 

Eligible participants will choose to participate either in a 60-minute interview (preferred) or a 60-minute online survey. Interviews will be conducted at my office on campus at UL or at a coffee shop or other location of the participant’s choice. Please feel free to share this widely and to refer additional participants. I'm willing to travel within the Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans areas to interview participants and can also conduct Skype interviews (NO GEOGRAPHIC CONSTRAINTS). Additionally, I'm interested in obtaining survey responses from as many other participants as possible (no geographic constraints here either).

If you'd like more information, or if you would be willing to participate in an interview, please contact me at You may also find additional information and a fillable research consent form here.

If you are unwilling to participate in an interview, but you'd like to complete the survey, you can find it here: